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by Lokeshwar

About Lokeshwar

Damanhurian Philosophy

Damanhurian medicine is characterized by a humanistic view of care, where the individual is the main character. The body is regarded as a temple, a precious instrument for the soul. For this reason, physical and spiritual wellness are equally important. Each of us has the responsibility to engage in lifestyles and behaviors that protect our overall health; however, optimal health doesn't just depend on the individual. It is influenced by many other factors, such as genetics, relationships and interaction with the environment.
Healing is always based on choice. It is process, a potential pathway that can accelerate self-awareness and personal growth. Health is a collective concept, just as human beings are gregarious beings and social animals. Being healthy is the result of lifestyle choices, harmonious thoughts, prevention, and identifying treatment that is appropriate for each condition, using the principle of maximum benefit with minimum risk, and applying synergy between different therapies.

Concept of Health

Health is not the absence of illness but the fullness of living. It means getting up in the morning with a dream and having the strength to realize it. Good health is about having a balanced lifestyle that nourishes the body through nutrition and hygiene, as well as the mind and spirit through social relations, creative pursuits and the capacity to get out of our routines and be adaptable to any situation. Prevention plays a key role. It is important to take care of ourselves-not just when we feel ill but also when we are well-by engaging in wellness disciplines, as well as scientific ones in emergency situations.
In Damanhur philosophy, disease is an important source of change that intervenes for different reasons in each of our lives. It is an opportunity to have a significant experience; it can be a Grail that pours profound life lessons into us. It is a signal that, in addition to getting the most appropriate care, we are being challenged to transform something inside of us. So, the journey from illness to healing is a journey of self-discovery toward finding greater new balance.
Another fundamental illness-wellness concept is that of personal responsibility. Each of us is the creator of our own health and pathway to healing. The therapist, healer, doctor, even the surgeon, when necessary, can offer crucial help, but real healing takes place when we become accountable for ourselves.

Advanced Research

Through 40 years of constantly evolving work, researchers at Damanhur have identified many healing techniques. The first level of intervention in wellness and healing are: pranatherapy and breathing, relaxation techniques, massage and self-massage, and the use of Selfica (a discipline that creates structures with metals, liquids and prepared inks using the spiral as the basic form), which facilitates protection and recuperation of many vital functions. The development of Selfica research in the field of wellness is one of the most important pursuits at Damanhur. In this field, experiments are conducted with verified results from many medical doctors. The Foundation Crea Ricerca has developed a scientific protocol to verify the effectiveness of Selfica intervention on cellular well being. Damanhur's historical field of healing research is prana therapy. This technique uses radiant energy that emanates from a healer through the positioning of the hands. The healer does not transmit his or her own energy, but rather connects the client to "bioenergy," or the vital energy of the planet, which is in contact with the entire universe. It is a simple treatment, as ancient as humankind, that supports the maintenance of good health.  Today Damanhur University organizes the School for Spiritual Healers, a three-year program of training and spiritual growth, with an option of two additional years of specialized training.

Lokeshwar is a graduate of the School for Spiritual Healers.


My Services

Prana Therapy and Beauty Prana

Prana therapy is an energy treatment where the client receives a specific frequency of healing energy from a vast reservoir that the prana therapist is a medium for. Prana therapy awakens the body’s self healing mechanisms and can be specifically directed at psychological, sensorial or physical issues facing the client.  In the case of physical issues, the energy can be localized to flow through whatever part of the body is causing issues for the client.  

Beauty Prana, technically called Cellular Rejuvenation Prana, creates more elastin in the skin, addresses issues caused by over exposure to the sun, and aids in bringing inner beauty to the surface.  

Damanhurian Massage and Self Massage

Damanhurian massage and self massage open the body for energy to flow through and not stagnate.  The self massage is a procedure that can be easily taught to the client to use as a daily practice at home.  


Various selfs can be used to address specific issues from opening the chakras and strengthening the aura to addressing specific problems ranging from digestive problems to sore muscles.  

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